Plato – Society and Personality


Author: grajmanu


11 thoughts on “Plato – Society and Personality”

    1. I would disagree. I would say that the concept of justice is not clear or in other words what qualify as judicious decision is not clear. But We are unsure whether justice is relativistic or absolute.

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      1. Plato’s concept of forms is based on his two-world metaphysical reality . Now in the euthyphro dilemma, we are trying to fix the level of absolutism w.r.t god. Even the dilemma itself is already answered by my previous comment about level of judiciousness. Look at slavery, in Old testament it is not outright rejected as in modern times, but pedophilia is rejected with out second thought by almost all civilization. The relativistic ethical perspective is easily obtained in these situations but when I say conceptual understanding of certain things is essential to final quality relativism as the zenith of ethical justice.

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