The Beef talk -Don’t trust BJP

Every day of past week and week before that,the cry for Beef has been storming the country with very little care given to why it is important to struggle against the order issued by the government.I went through the order put out by the government and cannot stop myself from thinking about the nature of polity,economy and civillisation in general.Following are the point that I believe form the basis of my opposition to the order:

  1. Lack of political integrity and (more importantly) trustworthiness – Its plain simple – BJP goverment in power has no political integrity or trustworthiness in their policies and attitude towards community. The rise of BJP ,albeit a planned one using their very strong IT department and Hindu vote consolidation,is the last straw to the trying-to-be modern state of India. Casteism is the greatest social evil we have ever seen and yet there is a very strong push from government to embrace it. Even in states like Kerala where there is a strong attitude against Casteism, the caste identities have risen again from the inner depths of society to the main stream. BJP has directly and indirectly promoted casteism. The planned brutal suppression of contemporary leaders like Rahul Gandhi,Aravind Kejriwal in political sphere with the help of media – print,visual and independent social – has been quite frightening as it kills the diversity in political sphere thereby making us feel insecure.
  2. Choice in a society and state – The fundamental quality (in every society) for an individual is choice and rights. When a person exercise his choice, he should take specific care to not disturb the freedom of choice of another person. Even when a society is formed, the choices of individual should be affected the least and whenever the cry for bargaining choice in exchange for order comes,we should be worried, because it is how oppression begins its reign in society.
  3. Vegeterianism and civillisation – Without doubt, every modern society should move towards vegitarianism.Such a change is purely a social decision which starts as a conscious decision to move forward and without affecting the choice of individuals. This might seem very difficult and thats why it is the ideal way to move. No political decision should enforce social advancement rather it should indirectly support non-violent social movements and mind you – non-violent. Violence in all context means the actions limiting the power of choice.
  4. Nod to authoritarianism among Middle class – This is something I am really afraid of. The middle class in India has given their silent nod to the authoritative rule of BJP. This includes newspapers, channels , political leaders , self proclaimed social reformers (looking at you Anna Hazare).
  5. Economic exploitation – The economic exploitation of poor in India is the prime reason for all the other problems in India. The economic injustice to poor is then elevated with social and political injustice. How this affect everything else? India,just like every other capitalistic country, supports rich people in the hope that they would re-invest in our country. They don’t take proper care about the poor people of our country. India according to them is a global market and employee pool. This absolute neglet for individual identitied would lead to the next problem.
  6. The boundary of state – Utalitarianism and Majoritarianism – In every society, conflict is required for advancement of society. This conflict between groups or collective identitied should start with proper alignment and identification of collective identities. Properly speaking there are only two collective identities – Poor and rich (in terms of choice). In India, however, the collective identities has been a projection of individuals’ insecurities and with strong push from established social and political institutions, individuals has identitied them into caste-based groups. This leads to strong talk about the good of the majority with sacrifices of individual. Slowly by slowly the majority will decide to pull off rights and choices from individuals in the name of order and common good.

The above mentioned points form my preliminary opposition and fear towards the current central government and the lack of trust towards their all policies which includes demonetisation,implementation of GST or the restriction put on cattle sale.


Author: grajmanu


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