Mind-Body problem

The existence of mind is a deep and unsolvable question we all have in ourself. We feel like somebody is speakib from within us. But can we objectively look into the existence of mind.That is the question of our existence.


Answers to ponder

  1. ​”You cannot step in the same river twice.”
  2. “Death need not concern us because when we exist death does not, and when death exists we do not”
  3. “God is dead”
  4. “Man is the measure of all things.”
  5. “Man is born free and is everywhere in chains.”
  6. “Cogito ergo sum”
  7. “Esse est percipi”
  8. “The unexamined life is not worth living.”
  9. “Entities should not be multiplied unnecessarily.”
  10. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”
  11. “There is nothing so absurd but some philosopher has said it.”

Questions to ponder

  1. Why should we work hard to earn
  2. Why are we still working on money when we can have other more stable choices of transactions.
  3. Is language the true barrier for science?
  4. Is Camus right? Is our life absurd?
  5. Am I more important than us?
  6. What is I after I am dead?
  7. Is Pascal’s wager logically correct rather than mathematically?
  8. Is there answer to question or mere approximations to them?
  9. Epistemic skepticism- Simulactrum-Hedonism- Preference Hedonism -Neitzhche : Is pleasure important,Is pain important or the path of pleasure more important?
  10. Socialism is more natural and logical than capitalism.Or is it? Even if it is,why is it so difficult to ensure?
  11. Is my brain=my mind? Is my mind a subset of our mind? Our mind,if superset, includes even universe as space-time and numbers are already in our brain right?
  12. What is spirituality?
  13. Is Cartesian duality correct? In a perspective how can anything be wrong?
  14. Is mathematics man-made or a universal language of existence or a simple song of reality ?

The floating ‘worms’ in our eyes


It is quite common to observe that certain worm like beings are floating in front of our eyes when we look towards a bright light or blue sky.They appear to move as our eyes move and seem to move away when we try to look at them directly. They do not follow our eye movements, and usually float when our eyes stop moving.

Do you know what they are? They are most likely shadows of debris (group of cells,fractured cells etc) floating in Vitreous humour casted onto the retina of our eye.With aging the collagen (protein fibres) in Vitreous humour contracts,and strands of these contracted fibres may cast shadows on Retina.Thus floaters are natural indicators of proper aging in human beings.

Note: Vitreous humour is a clear, jelly-like substance that fills the space in the middle of the eyeball.Retina is the light sensitive tissue lining on the back of our eye (similar to photographic film in camera).

Any trouble to vision?

Mostly we don’t see these floaters as with time,brain begins to ignore these floater avoiding any impact on our vision.

In rare cases,a sudden increase in floaters along with light flashes could indicate a retinal detachment. A retinal detachment occurs when any part of the retina is peeled off or pulled from its normal position.


If we are seeing rapidly moving white heads with black tail while looking at the background of vast and clear blue sky,then they are not floaters.


When a WBC (white blood cell) will travel through capillaries,they have to squeeze in due to their large size and the immediate red blood cells (RBC) will line up behind these WBCs in a cluttered group.RBCs will absorb blue light whereas WBCs will allow the light to pass through thus forming the dark tail and bright head respectively.

The path traversed is actually the path of blood capillaries in our eye.Thus using the technique called blue field entoptoscopy, retinal blood flow and capillary network is traced back.

The smallest of phenomenon or simplest aspects in physics thus have very interesting impact on our day to day life.I hope next time,when you look into the blue sky,a smile will spread in your lips and some thoughts will wander in your brains.