Identity- The attachment theory

Identity has been a unique point of discussion along with pathos of philosophy. The interesting and incomplete theories of body and memory put forwarded by minds like Locke seems to point out that identity is one among the most complex ideas. I don’t intend to explore the depths of the idea in this article. I am begining to understand identity in a different perspective irrespective of the individual and social nature of its source. I am begining to associate three basic attributes to identity. They are raw materials with which an individual or society tries to define identity.

  1. Sensory awareness
  2. Perceptional evolution
  3. Cognitive investment

Eventhough three of them are important, their importance cannot be equal and there lies a interesting idea of identity. I am of opinion that cognitive investment is the most important tool with which we attaches identity to an individual,or a thing or anything at all. Here comes the core theme of my concept of identity- it is not defined( contrary to popular expression even inside the article),it is not generated, it is an attached quality implying a variability and abstraction to every Identity attached. The other important aspect of my idea is that, every object or being in every set of anything(set of human beings, set of things,set of pigs and human beings) has its own freedom of attachment of identity. The idea of freedom of attachment is a matter we will discuss in detail later.

Sensory awareness is the least important tool of attachment,but the persistence of sensory data with awareness can attach a strong sense of identity.The strength pf perceptional evolution stands at a middle ground and is a very powerful tool often used by politicians and religious leaders to attach a uniform sense of identity.


From thoughts 1: Collective identities

I am a living being, I am a mammal, I am a human being, I am cognitive, I am Indian – the effort to project our identity to collective forms seems to be a basic feature of our survival. The collectivism promoted by the social setup or individualism supported and nurtured by certain societies , the society seems to have some sort of collective identity in terms of religion,race,color or some attribute based on which we form collective identities. 

It might be a natural decision of an evolutionary species to keep in check the radical growth of disorder in our society thereby keeping in control the predictability associated with our system. 

The identities ,the crisis associated with identities, and friction between various collective identities can create various different patterns of human society.This is observed by an individual when he plays his role in a group.

The collective identities can provide an individual some kind of role which will allow him to perceive an end to journey. A kind of elegant full-stop to a poignant poem and falling for the pit is every poet’s dream. 

The ever-changing​ role and identities in an individual can bring about radical changes in one’s behaviour .

Answers to ponder

  1. ​”You cannot step in the same river twice.”
  2. “Death need not concern us because when we exist death does not, and when death exists we do not”
  3. “God is dead”
  4. “Man is the measure of all things.”
  5. “Man is born free and is everywhere in chains.”
  6. “Cogito ergo sum”
  7. “Esse est percipi”
  8. “The unexamined life is not worth living.”
  9. “Entities should not be multiplied unnecessarily.”
  10. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”
  11. “There is nothing so absurd but some philosopher has said it.”

Questions to ponder

  1. Why should we work hard to earn
  2. Why are we still working on money when we can have other more stable choices of transactions.
  3. Is language the true barrier for science?
  4. Is Camus right? Is our life absurd?
  5. Am I more important than us?
  6. What is I after I am dead?
  7. Is Pascal’s wager logically correct rather than mathematically?
  8. Is there answer to question or mere approximations to them?
  9. Epistemic skepticism- Simulactrum-Hedonism- Preference Hedonism -Neitzhche : Is pleasure important,Is pain important or the path of pleasure more important?
  10. Socialism is more natural and logical than capitalism.Or is it? Even if it is,why is it so difficult to ensure?
  11. Is my brain=my mind? Is my mind a subset of our mind? Our mind,if superset, includes even universe as space-time and numbers are already in our brain right?
  12. What is spirituality?
  13. Is Cartesian duality correct? In a perspective how can anything be wrong?
  14. Is mathematics man-made or a universal language of existence or a simple song of reality ?