Thy reflection.

A car was monotonously pacing through the country road. It was a rhythmic run with occasional glitches of sound whistling through.

A child and a man were the only passengers. The child glaring through the window, quite bored at world with a hollow look which he shared with the man.

“Dad, why do we dream?”

The child asked with stutter and inconceivable emptiness.
He looked at his kiddo with a smug.

He said without a second thought “I don’t know kiddo, I dream because I can”

The child asked with gullible innocence.

“Dad, how do I know that I am me”

He raised his chin, and in an instant saw his reflection treading the same path as himself.

“Kiddo, why do you ask these questions?”

“Why?..” The child looked with fear.

“Kiddo, I never thought I will say this, but quit the act boy. I see you.”

The child looked at his father with amusement. He was 13 years but in his own terms, he was quite at a different level. His demeanor changed, now straight on his back, without the child in him, he said:

“Because I can, Dad”

He was unperturbed, he knew about him, he knew that his child was somehow different. He knew because he was different and with apparently sumptuous arrogance, he plunged into the raw filth of the world. Only blood, guilt and then some remained in him.

“Son, can I ask you something?”

The whole demeanour of child changed, the child looked away and his said “Dad, don’t fear me now”

“Kiddo, do you think I should fear you?”

“Dad, if you see me, then you should”

The father felt the arrogance, confidence seeping through his character and at that instant he didn’t fear or loathe him, but feared for for him.

“Son, remeber last month,You accidentally dropped the knife on your mother’s leg, right?”

“Dad, you are unintentionally hilarious, you say you see me, then you should better know”

He gently parked the car onto the side.

“Son, do not ever harm her. She is my only thread to this world. If you ever..”

The child stopped him and continued without anger, but with a cold shrug and sleepy eyes,

“Do you think your opinions matter? , look at me, I might look civilised, I might even look like human being, but deep inside, there is a whirlpool of rage within me, I am hungry when I am angry, and I can and will destroy anything in my path. May I remind of the misfortune happened to your lovely little daughter.”

The father was shell shocked to hear those words

“You little brat, you..I always blamed myself, you?”

“As we speak, all I need is a little stretch, to slit open you gullet without a blink,without any second thoughts, without mercy. You might think you can overpower me, but you should know by now, don’t you. You can’t move an inch unless I allow. You can’t, you feel that don’t you, the eruption of fear in your mind, as I look onto you, it floods you, it clouds your senses, even before I break your soul, your body is been broken, surrendered to my will.”

“Son, why, what happened to you, why and how.”

“Mr.Dad, I might look and feel bracketed within the realm of humanity, but I am a feral child with an inhuman touch.I am not just you or her or anything earthly, I am more..”

Dad steeply looked at his child. With nothing but fear, he blurted

“Don’t hurt your mother, and why did you do that to your own sister”

” There are no promises my dear father, and of course there are no reasons, there is no meaning
but, I will definitely try . But.. there will be always a but between us. Remind yourself,behave yourself”

After a second or two, the father calmed down. With a deep breath swallowing his own fear, sympathising with his own father, he started the car.

“Son, let me tell you a story, my story, my father’s story, you are sadly a mere reflection of myself, a continuation of our kind”

“Amusing Mr.Dad, quite amusing”

The car continued its monotonous its journey. The country road seemed so quite and tired.


Lost myself

Everyday I stream myself,my most public self to humanity thinking that they would care. In moments of excruciating pain, I look into a mirror, filled with tears, with blood running dry out of the wounds , i smile. During those moments, i frequently stumbled upon the endearing realisation, that, even I don’t care. I cried without sounds and broke myself out of the mirror, decided to kill myself and then laughed a lot. 

I decided to kill the entire world.


The mistake is to live, to stay passive to this world.We stopped holding hands,we stopped crying, we stopped sleeping on each other’s lap,we stopped looking into each other’s eyes,we are creators who missed the point of creations,we do things simply because we can and yet we do things toprove there’s always a point. We forgot to walk slowly along the stoic passage of time,we are stagnant,we are somewhere when here,now we are trapped by yesterday.We don’t exist,only you,me and others exist.

Welcome to the story of nothingness

Everyday I wake up to look into live screens or dancing letters of a book and then subside onto my bed to have thoughts about everything.The everything includes somethings that I know and somethings that I have never seen or understood,and then smile at the very meaning of meaning itself. Alas,what a life I have, I would welcome myself to the world of meaning or in other words,the world of nothingness. I would play a scene with my thoughts, we will be looking into our eyes, smile at each other,finally we will try to convince where we are and the meaning of existence. I would strongly oppose the definition of self,existence and thoughts, then the alarm would remind me that its 7 am in the morning and I would doze off from world of thoughts since its time to embark to the life of living beings. Welcome to the story of nothingness or the story of everyday man who has the luxury to  think.