Derozians’ are  dead? -Free thinkers need to live.

World, as we know, has come to an era of stagnation. Even though firebrand thinkers continue to survive, rather cherish than the usual, they are deemed to be irrelevant in our times more than ever. Free thinking is more than what the cryptic word declares them to readers. Free thinkers are those people who in spite of all the odds, are ushering to investigate the impossible due to a shimmering little glitter of probability. Eventhough radical, if rational the philosophy or for that question even a conspiracy or an economic policy, everything falls prey to their grey matter simply because of their logical rational thought process with thorough mix of knowledge and communication put in appropriate amount. 

Henry Derozio was a firebrand processor in Kolkata, India who,  during the British rule, was instrumental in spreading the Ideals of humanism, logical and rational thinking among his students. The students who followed him to form debate clubs and other activities became the intellectual centre of social, religious and cultural renaissance among the youth in Bengal. He achieved this unmatched stardom at the age of 17 and following to his  unconventional teaching style, he was expelled from his office by the then administration. Derozio was technically an Anglo Indian, but always considered himself an Indian by which he loved her culture, history and diversity. Derozio was also one among  the first Indian nationalist poets who wanted to eliminate the foreign rule. 

Why is this subject so important? Is it relevant? During these times of cultural amalgamation, rising forceful moral policing, pro- religious banters from the highest hunk of Central ministry, the proposition of free thinking is the lighthouse we hope to see while stranded in the vast sea. 

In India, the class struggle has always been  mixed up with religious sects mostly due to the socio-religious background of the highly polar economic gradient. With the introduction of reservation , and its continuation exploitation to satisfy the needs of political sphere, people of India are aligning themselves to their religion & caste thereby slowly abandoning the sense of nation which was expected to bind us. As Tagore pointed out, with such diversity,  the concept of nation is always a difficult notion, but neverthless we should at least stand strong on the base called ‘India that is Bharat’ . The biggest concern regarding the rise of BJP has always been the complimentary growth of RSS and other radicle Hindu organisations who sell the idea of being Hindu -religiously, morally, ritually or even habitually-as a sole criteria for surviving in a diverse country like India.

 The culture of India differs from North to South, West to East, from past to present, from rituals to language. One born in any part of world is allowed to follow his sense of culture without curtailing rights of  fellow human being. When a person evolves into a group (and they always do), catering to their demands translates to an untapped economic potential. The rise of pubs, dance bars, nightclubs etc are such institutions flourishing on the needs of rising western-eastern hybrids of new age. The human exploitation happening behind the scenes must be questioned rather the need of such an institution itself.

 Social media has become a playstation game where we play against each other with hatred, frustration and lack of respect for each other. We forget to be thinkers of possibility while trying every single time to be genuine speakers  of fact fetched to  us by equally malignant media-The unsure pimp with an agenda.

Looking around, Derozio would be tired, wandering the astral plane for reaching to us.Free thinking is required to collect, arrange & dissect facts since the world requires some of us to see the sea of possibilities and  reflect other order of perspectives hidden by our blindspot in roaring day light.


Collection from Pocket series

It was long before that during my initial days of amateur procrastinating, I stumbled upon two major tools: stumble upon (a discovery engine) and Pocket (a tool to store,collect and sync online content for future reading).Following to this,I ventured into many new softwares and tools that could seriously entertain our mind with our own curious thirst for knowledge.This series is dedicated to share certain interesting slices of information from my collection in Pocket.

Please remember that these data or articles are not my work rather works of great people who have committed themselves to research or dedicate their time to prepare such elaborate write-ups.I have shared  almost all data as screenshots due to which I am unable to recall everyone of their names.Forgive me and write thanks to those original authors.