Monsoon Mangoes – Parable of the third kind.

Yesterday out of sheer boredom,I invested myself to watch a malayalm film called ‘Monsoon Mangoes‘ directed by Abi Varghese(Akkarakazhchakal
fame).To my astonishment,the film was actually a good cinematic venture pointing out themes of existense,passion,meaning of life and fame.It is a wonderfully crafted movie with colorful frames and committed acting.

Story at a glance
The film focuses on the life of a struggling director DP Pallikkal(Fahad Fazil) and a forgotten film star Premkumar(Vijay Raaz) who is ironically called the evergreen star of Bollywood.Together with close friend and Premkumar,DP decides to direct his debut film namely ‘Moonsoon Mangoes’.

Better sides
1.Vijay Raaz’s portayal of the alcoholic and forgotten superstar Premkumar
2. Colorful cinematography,art direction and costume selection showing off the glimpses of the now-flourishing American dream.
3. Nandhu’s acting
4. Ed Wood type central character.
5. Fahad’s screen presence and acting except in certain comedy scenes in which his actions goes overboard or inappropriate.

Could have been better sides

1. Central focus of story should have been Premkumar
2. Side plots were not engaging
3. Inconsistent pacing and loose screenplay
4. Characters other than Premkumar donot show any depth or life in them(except Nandhu).

On the whole,it was an average fare with some entertaining scenes and show stealing acting from Vijay Raaz.I did check my watch sometimes and till the very end,i felt the movie was just one among the average entertainment spawned with Fahad Fazil.But it is after the very climatic dialogue from DP Pallikkal,I began to ponder about the central theme of the film.There are people like us who knows that our life is more than our baked routines and money.There is an extra mile which we all wish to walk but neither have the talent nor the luck to pull off that extra mile.Eventually the film is a dedicated to those people and their life -An eventual parable of third kind.